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BIOMETRICS CANADA - Digital ID Authentication

Multi-factor authentication security technology multiple methods/combinations/pattern sequence of multiple unique physical and/or behavioral biometric characteristics for Identity confirmation including digital signature verification, digital witness authentication, digital key stokes, DNA, fingerprints, speaker recognition, speaker authentication, facial patterns, or iris or retinal patterns. Heartbeat, and Hand Geometry Recognition. This application deployed on all platforms cable/ Satellite /OTT Streaming Services, Computer/Tablets/Cell Phones/Key Fobs/ Car dash monitor instrument panel (IP) fully customizable personal setting adding new layer of protection against crime auto theft, adding online transactions payment options, car to car communication with Identity confirmation authentication access to  


Modernizing the worlds digital future with new innovations, adding extra layers of top cyber protection against hackers, you are in control of your own privacy setting allowing you to control the security sensitive level to suit your needs. Multi-Biometrics Digital Authentication Solutions



Custom privacy settings while to which deny any unauthorised access via pre- authentication, for online gambling transactions with age verification, online everyday banking, loans protecting you financial preventing fraud with phone speaker recognition land line, advancements to proposed system in the digital era to improve e-health services is a Patient Centric secure EHR identity Management system with Blockchain Technology’s digital era and helped to improve e-health services. 


Privacy tools that put you in control.

When it comes to privacy, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why we build controls that are easy to use so that you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you.


Proactive security alerts help protect your private information which assist in creating a more secure that affect worldwide digital security 


Confirm a person’s digital identity, Identity confirmation with age verification for minors, expanded parental control protection improving cybersecurity measurements protecting our future children from identity theft, cyber bullying and limiting the access/distribution of content that is age appropriate on social media platforms like Twitter, Tik Toc ,YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Multimedia/Universal tv remote controls with improved parental content control/ users’ preferences customizing.   which deny any unauthorised access via authentication improving   for online gambling transactions & age verification, online everyday banking or phone speaker recognition, he proposed system is a Patient Centric secure EHR Management system using Blockchain Technology

Biometrics Canada

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